Wim Gijzen

Wim GIJZEN (1941, Netherlands), born in Rotterdam, is a pioneer of post-war art and video art. Gijzen pushes the limits of art and media, refusing to work within the limits of just one medium. From 1980 until 2003 Gijzen was a lecturer at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and was the head of the Fine Arts department in his last years there.


(selection, all short) Serie vergissingen nr. 2 Frankrijk (1970), Serie vergissingen nr. 3 Italië (1970), Serie vergissingen nr. 4 Noorwegen/Zweden (1970), 3 minuten (1970), Verwisseling van naam van de steden Rotterdam en Den Haag (1971), Beursplein - Amsterdam, Beursplein - Rotterdam (1971), Coolsingel - Rotterdam (1973)