Werther Germondari

Werther GERMONDARI (1963, Italia) studied film in Rome and Bologna. He has experimented for 25 years with many different media (from painting to installations, photography to film, videos to live performance). Germondari has made more than fifty short films. These have been screened at hundreds of festivals, including Cannes and Venice.


(all short, selection) Picnic! (1986), Una strada diritta lunga (1994, co-dir), Frantumi (1996), L'armadio (1996), Ragionevole dubbio (1996), Merda! (1997), Hinc et inde (1998), Stesso posto, stessa ora (1999), La vita è una ruota (1999), Il diavolo a Roma (1999), Roma 56-55 (1999), Triedro (2000, co-dir), X,Y,Z (Three Ways of Life) (2002), Communisti verso destra (2002), Internal Conflict (2003), Olympic Games 2003 (2003), Global Orgasm (2004), Per versum (2005, co-dir), Cinque caffe (2006, co-dir), Van amore (2008, co-dir), Fuori Target (2008, co-dir), Blue (sky) Movie (2008, co-dir), L'amore è nell'aria/Love Is in the Air (2010, co-dir)

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