Warren Sonbert

Warren SONBERT (1947-1995, USA) was born in Brooklyn. Already at age 17, he was introduced to film by experimental filmmaker Gregory Markopoulos. Sonbert's films are personal lyrical diaries about his own life and the lives of the people around him. Some of his films have been inspired by Hitchcock classics like Vertigo and Marnie. He died in 1995 of an HIV-related illness.


(selection, all short) Where Did Our Love Go (1966), Hall of Mirrors (1966), Amphetamine (1966), Truth Serum (1967), The Tenth Legion (1967), The Bad and the Beautiful (1967), Ted and Jessica (1967), Connection (1967), Holiday (1968), Carriage Trade (1971), Rude Awakening (1975), Divided Loyalties (1978), Noblesse oblige (1981), A Woman's Touch (1983), Short Fuse (1992), Whiplash (1995-1997)