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Luciana Mazeto and Vinícius LOPES studied cinema at PUCRS in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. They directed and wrote several short films screened at national and international film festivals. In 2012 they founded the production company Pátio Vazio. Mazeto and Lopes were coproducers for the Cine Esquema Novo film festival 2016 in Porto Alegre. 


(all short) Let me tell you about Noel (2010), Purge (2011), Berenice (2012), Three Mice (2013), Little Things (2014), Behind the shadow (2015), Under the door  (2016), Antes do lembrar/Stone Engravings and the Three-Colored Chickenpox Tale (2018)

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Vinícius Lopes at IFFR

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