Vashti Harrison

Vashti Harrison at IFFR

Vashti HARRISON (1988, USA) is an artist and filmmaker who earned her master's degree in Film and Video from CalArts and her Bachelor of Arts from the university of Virginia. She focuses on the natural and the supernatural. Folklore, fables and fairy-tales tend to weave their way into everything she makes. In her filmmaking, Harrison tells stories from her own life and investigates her Caribbean background.


(all short) Sybarite (2010), Pleasure Girl (2010), Monstera Deliciosa (2011), Tree Hypnosis (2011), Venus (2011), Waternymph Family (2011), Monroe (2012), Flora/Fauna (2012), Flora/Fauna pt II (2012), Dioscouri (2012), Postcard Series in 3D: I Love You Pitch Lake (2013), Postcard Series in 3D: On Top of Maracas (2013), Postcard Series in 3D: Sweet Dreams and Coconuts (2013), Field Notes (2014)