Ute Aurand

Ute AURAND (1957, Germany) studied at the film and television academy in Berlin. She is a teacher and curator, and a devoted 16mm filmmaker since 1980. In 1997, she co-founded the group FilmSamstag.


(all short, selection) Schweigend ins Gespräch vertieft/Silently Deeply Absorbed In Conversation (1980), OH! die 4 Jahreszeiten/OH! The 4 Seasons (1988),Terzen/Thirds (1998), Fadenspiele/Toying With String (1999), Filmmuseum Berlin (2000), Im Garten/In The Garden (2002), Fadenspiele 2/Toying with String 2 (2003), India (2005), Der Schmetterling im Winter/The Butterfly in Winter (2006, co-dir Maria Lang), Hier ist es zur Zeit sehr schön/Here It Is Fine at the Moment (2006, co-dir Maria Lang), Terzen Teil 1/Thirds Part 1 (1998-2006), In die Erde Gebaut/Building Under Ground (2008), A Walk/In the Park/ZUOZ (2008), Kopfüber im Geäst/Hanging Upside Down in the Branches (2009), Junge Kiefern (2011), Paulina, Franz & Maria (2011)