Uruphong Raksasad

Uruphong RAKSASAD (1977, Chiang Rai, Thailand) studied film and photography at Thammasat University. After his graduation in 2004 he worked as an editor and post-production supervisor for several Thai feature films. Since 2004, he has focussed on his own career, by going back to the region where he was born and shooting his feature début Stories from the North (2006). The Songs of Rice is his third feature.


March of Time (1999, short), The Way (2005, short), The Longest Day (2005, short), The Harvest (2005, short), Reanglo jak meangnue/Stories from the North (2006), The Planet (2007, short), The Rocket (2007, short doc), Agrarian Utopia (2009), Pleng khong kao/The Songs of Rice (2014)