Ursula Mayer

Ursula MAYER (1970, Austria) was educated in Fine Art in Vienna and London and works with film, video and photography. Her work interweaves space and time and explores perception patterns in photography and film. She regularly references popular music, the avant-garde, classical Hollywood films and architecture. Her film projects often start with a fascination for an older film or text. Mayer lives and works in London.


(all short, selection) Goldflames Out In The Sky (2002), Fallen Imperial (2003, instal), Acoustic Mirror (2004), Villa Mairea (2006), Portland Place 33 (2006), Keeling House (2006), Interiors (2006), The Crystal Gaze (2007), The Lunch in Fur (2008), Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight (2009, instal), Gonda (2012), Medea (2013)