Unni Straume

Unni Straume was born in Molde, a small village on the west coast of Norway. After film school, she made several short documentaries that have been screened internationally. Her first films were selected by the film festival in Cannes.


Kystkunste (1977), Trubadur (1978), Kap farvel (1981), Hot House (1982), Bilder Fraa ei oy (1983), Roma con amore (1984), Way North - Five Norwegian Artists (1985), Pusjka (1987), Til en ukjent (1990), Avsporing (1993), Drömspel (1994), T 83 (1996, short), Thranes metode (1998), Pappasöndag (1999, short), Musikk for bryllup og begravelser/ Misic for Weddings and Funerals (2002)