Ulrich Herzog

Underground filmmaker Ulrich HERZOG (1941) is an early exponent of post-war experimental cinema in Germany. He studied mathematics and physics in Cologne and sociology in Munich, but dropped out to take up filming. Herzog’s work is mentioned in several publications on German experimental and avant-garde cinema. His films can be viewed in the archive at the ZKM Karlsruhe.


(all short) Film 1 – Logische Bildreihen – informell (1965), Film 2, Teil 1 (1966), Film 2, Teil 2 (1967), Günne (1967), Kinoereignis (1968), Sub Art (1968), Smiling (1968), Black Sunfight (1969), H.A. Schult, Biokinetische Situation (1969), No TV (2014), Situation Schackstraße (2018)