Tsukamoto Shinya

Tsukamoto Shinya

Still: The Phantom of Reguler Size

TSUKAMOTO Shinya (1960, Japan) was given a Super-8 camera at the age of 14. He began acting, studied art at university and then directed commercials for four years. His first feature Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989) and its sequel Tetsuo II: Body Hammer (1992), about the bizarre metamorphosis of a Japanese businessman into a mass of metal, acquired him worldwide status as a cult filmmaker. Tsukamoto acts in almost all his own films and was part of the cast of Martin SCORSESE's Silence (2016) and Takashi MIIKE's Dead or Alive 2: Birds (2000). Hokage (2023) marks the 13th year he has been selected for IFFR.


(selection) Futsu saizu no kaijin/The Phantom of the Regular Size (1986, short), Denchu Kozo no boken/The Adventure of Denchu Kozo (1987, short), Tetsuo - The Iron Man (1989), Hiroku the Goblin (1990), Tetsuo II - Body Hammer (1992), Tokyo Fist (1995), Bullet Ballet (1998), Sôseiji/Gemini (1999), Rogatsu no hebi/A Snake of June (2002), Vital (2004), Haze (2005), Akumu tantei/Nightmare Detective (2006), Akumu tantei 2/Nightmare Detective 2 (2008), Tetsuo: The Bullet Man (2010), Kaidan - Horror Classics (2010, segment Hazaruka to mateki/The Whistler), Kotoko (2011), Nobi/Fires on the Plain (2014), Zan/Killing (2018), Hokage/Shadow of Fire (2023)

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