Tsai Ming-liang

Tsai Ming-liang

Still: Goodbye, Dragon Inn
TSAI Ming-liang (1957, Malaysia) is a screenwriter, theatre director, and filmmaker based in Taiwan. In 1982, he graduated in Theatre and Film Directing from the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan. He worked as a theatrical producer and TV filmmaker and released his first feature, Rebels of the Neon God, in 1992. He was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival for his second feature Vive l'amour (1994) and became a leading figure of the Second New Wave of Taiwanese cinema. His films are recognisable by their long shots, sparse dialogue and the prominent presence of running water, or the sound of this. He has frequently collaborated with actors Lee Kang-sheng and Chen Shiang-chyi. The River (1997) is often referred to as his masterpiece and is considered his bleakest film. It was nominated for the Golden Bear at Berlin International Film Festival and the Golden Hugo at Chicago International Film Festival and was awarded the Jury Prize at both festivals. His films have been screened at various film festivals worldwide, including Venice Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. He was nominated for and won multiple awards such as a Palme d'Or and FIPRESCI Prize. A year after Stray Dogs (2013) was awarded the Grand Jury Prize in Venice, he was named an Officer in the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres to recognise his contribution to film.


(selection) All the Corners of the World (1989, TV), Xiao hai/Boys (1991, TV short), Gei wo yi ge jia/Give Me a Home (1991, TV short), Ching shao nien na cha (Qingshaonian Nazha)/Rebels of the Neon God (1992), Chin wan shui/Vive l'amour (1994), Wo xin renshi de pengyou/My New Friends (1996, TV short doc), He liu/The River (1997), Dong/The Hole (1998), 2000 vu par... Une collection internationale/2000, Seen By... An International Film Collection (1998, TV mini series), A Conversation with God (2001, short), Ni nei pien chi tien/What Time is it There? (2001), Tien chao bu jien le/The Skywalk is Gone (2002, short), The Growing of the Saplings (2002, doc), Bu jian bu sa/Goodbye, Dragon Inn (2003), Bem-Vindo a São Paulo/Welcome to São Paulo (2004, doc, segment Aquarium), Wo de chou xiaohai/My Stinking Kid (2004, TV short), Tian bian yi duo yun/The Wayward Cloud (2005), Hei yan quan/I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone (2006), Chacun son cinéma (2007, co-dir, segment Is It a Dream?), Sleeping on Dark Waters (2008, short doc), Madame Butterfly (2009, short), Visage (2009), No Form (2012, short), Weng you/Sleepwalk (2012, short), Jingang Jing/Diamond Sutra (2012, short), Jiao you/Stray Dogs (2013), Xing Zai Shui Shang (2013, short), Xi you/Journey to the West (2014), Wu wu man/No No Sleep (2015, short), Na ri xia wu/Afternoon (2015, doc), Xiao Kang (2015, short), Qiu Ri (2016, short), The Deserted: VR (2017), Ni de lian/Your Face (2018, doc), Light (2019, short doc), Rizi/Days (2020)

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