Tim Blue

Tim BLUE (1962, Portland, USA) started his career as a music composer in the mid-1990s. Alongside his work as a composer for theatre and film, he started to make films in 2006. His films have been screened at many international film festivals, including Berlin. Blue is a member of the Berlin artist group CHEAP that works in theatre, performance art and installation art.


A New Lascaux (2006, short), Image Ideology (2006, short), Fucking Others (2006, short), The Politics of Joy (2006, short), Labor 9 (2006, short), Data Fragments From a Rapid Decline (2007, short), Without Self (2007, short), Monk Improv For Wilhelm Hein (2007, short), Memory Burns (2007, short), National Holiday (2007, short), Ghostyard Supernova (2007, short), Hapiness for One Day (2008, short), Water’s Memory (2008, short), International Monetary Fund (2008, short), Mexiko Test 1 (2008, short), The Rooms (2008, co-dir), One Poem Less (2009, short), The Legacy (2009, short), Surface Noise (2010, short, co-dir)