Thomas Mohr

Thomas MOHR (1954, Germany) attended the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. In his compositions, he researches the boundary between common media and software. The basis for his research is a photo archive containing more than 400,000 pictures taken by the artist since 1985. In his most recent works, Mohr focuses on the body of work of conceptual artist and composer Hanne Darboven, who died in 2009.


(selection) Compositie met strepen/Composition with Stripes (1989, instal), Memento vitae 24/24 (1991, short), Configuratie 1994 (1994, instal), Three Blueprints (Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta) (2008, short), Realm 1 Part 1 (2008, short), Resonance (2010, short), Two Compositions (Homage to Hanne Darboven) (2011, short), 544/544 (up/down) (2011, short), 2² (zwei hoch zwei)/Hanne Darboven (2011, short), 139 Jahre (Heinrich Vogeler/Hanne Darboven) Teil 1.: 1900 (2011, short), 139 Jahre (Heinrich Vogeler/Hanne Darboven) Teil 2.: 1941 (2011, short), 139 Jahre (Heinrich Vogeler/Hanne Darboven) Teil 3.: 2011 (2011, short), Requiem 1/ On the Essence of Art (2012, short), Requiem 2/ On the Art of Being (2012, short), Who Paid The Bill? I, II, II, IIII (2012-2013, short series), Dog Shoes To The Stars (And Beyond) (2012, short), A Misty Morning (Flashbacks) (2012, short), Here We Are - There We Go! (2012, short), Strings (prototype) (2013, short), Am Burgberg 26/28 (2013, short), Áttörés/Umbruch (2013, short), Für Sigrid (2013, short), The Story of the Lake (2013, short), Die Abendglocke vom Miideratempel hören/To Hear the Evening Bell of the Miidera Temple(2013, short), The Otsu Incident (2013, short), Die geflügelte Erde/The Winged Earth (2013, short), Gedankenstrich(e)/Hanne Darboven (2014, short), Ich weiss nicht, was soll es bedeuten (2014, short), Das Prinzip Hoffnung/The Principle of Hope (2014, short), DlB1: Die letzten Bücher (2014, short), Heute/Harburg (2014, short), Zu Hause/Nachwort/At Home/Afterword (2014, short), Zu Hanne Darboven/Einführung/On Hanne Darboven/Introduction (2014, short), Zu Hanne Darboven/Abschliessend/On Hanne Darboven/In Conclusion (2014, short), Learning Curve (2016, short)