Thiago Brito

Thiago Brito at IFFR

Thiago BRITO is a Brazilian filmmaker, screenwriter and curator. He obtained a Bachelor in Cinema at Universidade Federal Fluminense, and Master in Literature, Culture and Contemporaneity at PUC-RJ. In partnership with Isabella Raposo, he writes and directs short films like Way Up in the Sky (2018) and Loïe & Lucy (2014). He worked as assistant director on Felipe Bragança’s feature debut Don’t Swallow my Heart Alligator-Girl!, which premiered at the Sundance in 2017. He also worked as researcher on the documentary feature Cinema Novo by Eryk Rocha, winner of the Camera D’or prize in Cannes 2016.


(all short) Se eu morresse amanhã de manhã/If I were to die tomorrow morning (2009), Crisálida/Chrysalis (2012), Elas Vivem!/They Live (2013, co-dir), Us (2013, co-dir), Loïe & Lucy (2014, co-dir), O Mirante do Azul/The Blue Belvedere (2015, co-dir), Mar de Monstro/Sea of Monster (2017, co-dir), Bem no meio do Céu/Way up in the Sky (2018, co-dir)

Thiago Brito at IFFR

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