The Propeller Group

The Propeller Group at IFFR

The artists' collective THE PROPELLER GROUP (Vietnam) was established in 2006 by the Vietnamese Phunam and Tuan Andrew Nguyen and the American Matt Lucero. In many of their installations, performances, films and sculptures, the artists create chaos to put things in order. Working with collaborators from diverse fields of art, the group presents a great variety of political and social views. Besides autonomous art, The Propeller Group does a lot of work on commission, such as music videos, commercials and TV shows.


(selection) Jackfruit Thorn Kiss (2004), Storms Will Rise (2004), Spray It, Don’t Say It (2005, doc), Uh… (2006, instal), Father and Son, a Rite of Passage (2006, instal), Superflex - Flooded McDonald’s (2008, short), Superflex - Burning Car (2008, short), HTV3 - Popcorn (2008, TV series), Megastar Cinemas - Megatouch (2008, instal), Dinh Q. Le - South China Sea Pishkin (2009, short), Superflex - The Financial Crisis (2009, short), Superflex - Porcelain (2009, TV series), My Duck Ceramics - In The Cradle Of The Dragon Prince (2010, instal), Dinh Q. Le - Erasure (2011, short), Dinh Q. Le - Light and Belief (2012, doc), Viet Nam The World Tour - Australia (2012, instal), The Living Need Light, the Dead Need Music (2014, short doc)

The Propeller Group at IFFR

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