Tetsuya Mariko

Tetsuya Mariko at IFFR

MARIKO Tetsuya (1981, Japan) studied at the University of Hosei and Image Forum. He received international recognition with his short film Far East Apartment in 2003. In 2007 he entered to Tokyo National University of the Arts Graduate School Film and New Media. Yellow Kid (2009) is Mariko's graduation and first feature film.The IFFR 2012 is showing his new short film Ninifuni.


Hozo (2001, short), The Far East Apartment (2003, short), Mariko's 30 Pirates (2004, short), No Car in Life (2004, short), Float Running (2004, short), Mastif (2006, short), If Things Go Well (2006, short), Nicola's Bridge (2007, short), Lush Life (Kawarazaki Part) (2009), Yellow Kid (2009), Ninifuni (2011, short)

Tetsuya Mariko at IFFR

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