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Gideon Kiers (1975), David Kiers (1977) and Lucas van der Velden (1976) are the founding members of the Dutch collective TELCOSYSTEMS. They create immersive spatial experiences, films, video installations, soundtracks, prints and live performances that explore the interaction between technology, human expression and machine behaviour. Deorbit (2013) was part of Vertical Cinema, a compilation programme consisting of 10 experimental films on 35mm celluloid, made for projection on a monumental vertical screen. Their film Loudthings received the Grand Prix at 25 FPS Festival in Zagreb, Croatia, and the Gus Van Sant Award for Best Experimental Film at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. In TESTFILM #1 (2020), Telcosystems explore the creative possibilities of the Digital Cinema Package (DCP).


(selection, all short) FF series (2002), Harsh / Sine R (2004), FF0066 FFCC00 00CCFF (2004), Sessions.03.rev.02 / rev.03 / rev.04 (2004), Scape_Time (2006), Exit Tinnitus (2003/06), Crosslinx (2006), Meta_Epics Mod 2 (2006), Scape_Time (2007), Loudthings (2008), Mortals Electric (2009, performance), 12_Series (2010, instal), Vexed (2012), Deorbit (2013, co-dir), TESTFILM #4 (2018), TESTFILM #1 (2020)

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Telcosystems at IFFR

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