Tata Amaral

Tata AMARAL (1960, São Paulo, Brazil) worked as production assistant and assistant director on short and feature films and commercials and since 1991 as director and scriptwriter of information films. She made her debut with the feature A Starry Sky, which was screened in 1996 in Rotterdam. A Starry Sky and Through the Window explore archetypical aspects of the representation of women. Antonia, closing the trilogy, was finished after five years of intensive research. Amaral also made several short films.


Mude seu Dial/Change Your Dial (1986, short), Poema: Cidade/City Poem (1986, short), Queremos as ondas do Ar!/We Want the Air Waves (1986, short), SP Pan 360º (1987, short), História familiar/Familiar Story (1988, short), Viver a vida/Just Livin' (1991, short), Orgulho/Pride (1992, short), Nao tomar o santo nome de Deus em vao/Thou Shall Not Take the Name of the Lord thy God in Vain (1993, short), Curta (1928, short), O cinturao de Hipólita/To Get Possession of the Girdle of the Queen Hyppolyta (1994, short), Um céu de estrelas/A Starry Sky (1996), Através da janela/Through the Window (1999), Juke (2002, short), Vila Ipojuca (2003, short), Vinte Dez (2001, doc), Antonia (2006)