Su Hui-yu

Su Hui-yu at IFFR

SU Hui-yu (1976, Taiwan) studied Fine Art at the National Taiwan Normal University and the National Taiwan Univeristy of Arts, both in Taipei. Su is mostly interested in the connections between media, images, history and everyday life, and his videos explore both the mass media’s impact on viewers and the projection of viewers’ thoughts and desires onto these media. Themes present in his work deal with violence, sleep, the female body and a general interplay between reality and fantasy. His videoworks and installations were shown all over the world and both of his solo exhibitions, The Fabled Shoots in 2007 and Stilnox Home Video in 2010, were nominated for the Taishin Arts Award. In addition, Su was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship Award and participated in artist in residence programmes in New York, Munich, Los Angeles and the Czech Republic. In 2017, IFFR dedicated a retrospective to Su’s videoworks, while his film Super Taboo (2017) had its world premiere in the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films. Su returns to the Tiger Short Competition in 2019 with The Glamorous Boys of Tang.


(selection) The Fable Shoots (2007, video), Bloody Beauty (2009, video), She Ate the Face (2010, video), A Horror Day (2010, video), Stilnox Home Video: The Midnight Hours (2010, video), Stilnox Strolling (2011, video), Happy Birthday (2011, instal), The Upcoming Show (2012, instal), Stilnox Home Video (2010), Men Carrying Shame (2015, instal), Nue Quan (2015, instal), the Color, the Tele, the Vision (2015, instal), Shameful Strangers (2015, instal), Thou Shalt Not Self-pollute (2015, instal), A Man After Midnight (2015, instal), Super Taboo (2015, instal), L’être et le néant (1962, Chang Chao-Tang) (2016, video), Chao Chi Jin Ji/Super Taboo (2017, short), The Glamorous Boys of Tang (2018, short)

Su Hui-yu at IFFR

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