Stephan Köster

Stephan Köster (1948, Hamburg) spent the period between 1968 and 1971 in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Two years later he started studying theatre, philosophy and sociology. In the film world, he earned his spurs as e.g. assistant director to Werner Herzog on Fitzcarraldo (1979) as cameraman of Unsere Leichen leben noch (1980) by Rosa Von Praunheim.


Films: Studio Bankside / Home Movies Reel (1970, short), Miss Gaby (1971, short), A Journey to Avebury (1971, short), Garden of Luxor / Burning the Pyramids (1972, short), Andrew Logan Kisses the Glitterati (1972, short), Tarot / The Magici¡an (1972, short), The Art of Mirrors / Sulphur (1973, short), The Devils at the Elgin (1974, short), Ula's Fete (1974, short), Fire Island (1974, short), Duggie Fields (1974, short), Picnic at Ray's (1975, short), Sebastiane Wrap (1975, short), Sloane Square (1975), A Room of One's Own (1975, short), Gerald's Film (1976, short), Sebastiane (1976), Houston Texas (1976, short), Jordan's Dance (1977, short), Every Woman for Herself and All for Art (1977, short), Jubilee (1978), The Tempest (1979), Broken English (1979), In the Shadow of the Sun (1980, short), TG Psychic Rally in Heaven (1981, short), Pontormo and Punks at Santa Croce (1982, short), Pirate Tape (1982, short), Waiting for, Waiting for Godot (1983, short), B 2 Tape / Film (1983), The Dream Machine (1984), Catalan (1984, short), Imagining October (1984, short), The Angelic Conversation (1985), The Queen is Dead (1986, short), Caravaggio (1986), Louise (episode from: Aria, 1987), The Last of England (1987),L'ispirazione (1988, short), War Requiem (1989), The Garden (1990), Edward II (1991), Wittgenstein (1992), Blue (1993).