Son Kwang-Ju

Son Kwang-Ju at IFFR

SON Kwang-ju (1970, Korea) graduated from an art institute in Chicago. Her graduation film, The Third Tongue (2003), won the Sunje Award for best Korean short at the 2003 Pusan Film Festival. She was also a resident artist at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


A Boiled Egg (2000, short), Sound of Night (2002, short), The Third Tongue (2003, short), Punk Eek (2004, short), Amusement Epitome (2006, short), Awkward Romance (2006, short), Yoyogi Park (2006, short), Fragmentary Landscapes (2007, short), Apparition (2007, short), Re-Search (2008, short), Characters (2011)

Son Kwang-Ju at IFFR

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