Simon Pummell

Simon Pummell (1959, UK) has made many short films with an enormous diversity of techniques and styles, combining fiction, documentary, animation, video art and transmedia. He has received many awards, including a BAFTA, (British Academy Award) for Bodysong (2003). His film Shock Head Soul (2011) was screened at IFFR in 2012. Pummell lives in the Netherlands and is head of the department Lens-Based Media Design & Communication at Piet Zwart Institute, part of the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.


Surface Tension (1986, short), Secret Joy of Falling Angels (1991, short), Stain (1992, short), Cupid (1992, short), British Film Institute 1992-3 (1993, short), Temptation of Sainthood (1993, short), Rose Red (1994, short), Blond Eckbert (1994, short), Blond Eckbert (1994, instal), Digital Baby (1995, short), Butcher's Hook (1996, short), Heartache (1996, short), Evolution (1996, short), Ray Gun Fun (1998, short), Blinded by Light (2000, short), Story Browser (2000, instal), Stop for a Minute (2001, short), Bodysong (2003), Sharing the Same Shade (2007, instal), Shock Head Soul (2011), Brand New-U (2015)