Simon Ellis

Simon Ellis at IFFR

With his numerous award-winning shorts, Simon ELLIS (1973, UK) has established himself as one of the UK's leading young directors. His first short non-comedy drama Soft (2006) was awarded dozens of festivals awards. Dogging: A Love Story is his feature début.


Thicker Than Water (1996, short), Repeaters (1997, short), In Out (1998, short), Thousand (1998, short), Square One (1999, short), The Fiver Thing (2000, short), Telling Lies (2001, short), Doing Really Well (2001, short), Bass Invaders (2001, short), 10 Again (2002, short), What About the Bodies (2003, short), What The (2004, short), Freya (3) (2005, short), A Storm and Some Snow (2006, short), Soft (2006, short), Dogging: A Love Story (2009)

Simon Ellis at IFFR

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