Sherman Ong

Sherman ONG (1971, Malaysia) graduated with distinction from the National University of Singapore. He works as a filmmaker and photographer and conducts workshops and lectures about film and photography. His work has been shown at festivals and in museums around the world.


(selection) 60s Now (2002), State of Things (2003, short), The Ground I Stand (2002, short), Exodus - Wanita yang berlari (2003, short), The Circle (2005), Thit, rau cu & che/Meat, Vegetables & Dessert (2005, short), Is It Easy to Kill/Pray? (2005, short), Drought (2005, short), Hashi (2008), Tickets (2009, short), Kumbukumbu za mti uunguao/Memories of a Burning Tree (2010), When the End of Winter Is Almost Spring (2010, short), I Want To Remember (2011, short)