Sergio Canneto

Sergio CANNETO (Italy) studied cinema as autodidact during his law studies at the University. In 2005, he participated in workshops by Bruno Dumont and Eyal Sivian. A year later, he started a course at the Film School in Milan. Canneto's development as a filmmaker began by studying the actor; afterwards he focussed on frame composition. He considers his medium-length film On the 5th April I’ll Kill Myself (2014) the first stage of his career as a director.


(all short selection) Mirella Bentivoglio. L'arte e la vita/Mirella Bentivoglio. The art and the life (2005), Gino De Dominicis - Testimonianze/Gino De Dominicis - Testimonials (2005), La speranza/The hope (2006), Impressioni di metà secolo/Impression of mid-century (2007), Composizione 31/Composition 31(2008), Appunti per una storia d'amore/Notes for a love story (2010), Le 5 april je me tue/On the 5th April I'll Kill Myself (2014)