Sergey Provorov

Since 1996 Galina Myznikova (1968, Russia) and Sergey PROVOROV (1970, Russia) have created a large number of projects which demonstrate their focus upon creative experiments. Their films have taken part in numerous Russian and foreign festivals. Their first feature Voodushevlenie/Inspiration premiered in competition during the Venice Film Festival in 2010.


(short, co-dir) 20.21 (1999), Crazy Guy, Crazy Gal (2002), Ball, Skate, Racket, Bicycle in Aggressive Attack (2002), Wet Chicken (2003), Alternative Play Station (2004), The Girl-Helicopter (2004), Children and Airplanes (2005), Wet Table (2005), The Slippery Mountain (2006), Three Sisters (2006), Fugue (2007). Otchajanie/Despair (2009), Voodushevlenie/Inspiration (2010, feature)