Sergei Bodrov

Sergei Bodrov (1948, Chabarovsk, Siberia) studied at the Moscow film institute VGIK and specialised in scenario writing. At the time of the Brezhnev regime he wrote scripts for more than thirty films, but refused to subject himself to censorship. He is considered to be one of Russia's most committed film-makers.


Sladkij sok vnutri travy/Sweet Juice of the Grass (1984), Ja tibja nenavisu!/I hate you (1986), Neprofessionaly (1987), Ser-svoboda eto rai/Freedom is Paradise (1989), Katala/Gambler ((1990), Chelovek na krasnoi ploshadi/The Man on Red Square (1991), Roi blanc, dame rouge (1992), La khotela uvidet angelov/I wanted to see Angels (1992), Kavkavskij plennik/The Prisoner of the Mountains (1996)