Serdar Yilmaz

Serdar YILMAZ (1973, Turkey) completed a PhD programme in fine arts at the Marmara University. He works as an art director for feature films and documentaries, and makes experimental films and installations. His work has been shown at many film festivals, galleries and museums, and has won several prizes. In 2002, Yilmaz made a short documentary about the Netherlands, Holland Documentary. Yilmaz lives and works in Istanbul.


(all short) Cubuk kraker (2000), Silahla yasamak-kontrol belgeseli/Living with a Gun-Control Documentary (2001, doc), Kirmizi,mavi ve griler/Red, Blue and Greys (2001), Hollanda belgeseli/Holland Documentary (2002, doc), Dört türlü/4 Kinds (2003), Benim yerim neresi/Where Is My Place (2004), Sessizlik/Silence (2008), Merdiven/Stairs (2009), Kizarmis tavuk/Fried Chicken (2012)