Scott Hicks

Scott Hicks (1953, Uganda) now lives and works in Adelaide, Australia. He has made a lot of documentaries for television, his feature début was Freedom, six years later followed by the successful Sebastian and the Sparrow. Shine was nominated for no less than twelve Australian Film Awards.


The Wanderer (1974, TV), Down the Wind (1975, TV), You Can't Always Tell (1979, TV), Attitudinal Behaviour (1980, TV), Bert Flugelman: Public Sculptor (1980, TV), The First Ninety Days (1980, TV), Women Artists of Australia (1980, TV), No Going Back (1980, TV), Freedom (1982), The Hall of Mirrors (1983, TV), One Last Chance (1983, TV), Family Tree (1985, TV), Push Start (1986, TV), Call Me Mr. Brown (1986, TV), Sebastian and the Sparrow (1988, TV), The Great Wall of Iron (1989, TV), Finders Keepers (1991, TV), Submarines: Sharks of Steel (1994, TV), The Ultimate Athlete (1995, TV), Shine (1996)