Sarnt Utamachote

Sarnt Utamachote at IFFR

Sarnt UTAMACHOTE (1992, Thailand) is a photographer and filmmaker. He studied Industrial Design at Chulalongkorn University, and Cinema Studies and Literature Studies at the Free University of Berlin. He is a founder of un.thai.tled, a collective of Thai creatives based in Berlin. His music video for Coco Elane's 'Deep Talk' was nominated for a Bucharest Film Award in The Feminine Section.


Piece of Hat (2014, short, co-dir), Requiem #1 Introitus (short), Child's Play (2014, short), The Romance Lesson (2015, short), I'm Not Romantic (2015, short), Clever Boy, This Country Needs You (2015, short), Heart of Darkness (2015, short), The Smoker (2015, short), Parallel (2016, short), Monster in the Room (2016, short), Trash #1 – Plastic (2016, short), The River (2016, short), WG-Suche (2017, short), It Doesn't Suit Me (2017, short), Melancholia of the Sewages (2017 short), Winterregen/Winter Rain (2018, short), Coco Elane: 'Deep Talk' (2018, short), Henning Richter: 'Escape From The Devil' (2018, short), Trash #2 – Glass (2018, short), Erik Leuthäuser and Arta Jēkabsone: 'Yesterday Still Lies Between The Floorboards' (2018, short), Erik Leuthäuser: 'Kannst Du Mein Kangaroo Sein?' (2018, short), Soy Sauce (2019, short), My Body (2019, short), Alex's Hand: 'Fifty Three' (2019, short), Kitchen Heroine (2019, short), I Am Not Your Mother (2020, instal)

Sarnt Utamachote at IFFR

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