Sandro Aguilar

Sandro Aguilar at IFFR

Sandro AGUILAR (1974, Portugal) studied film in Lisbon. In 1998, he founded the production company O Som e a Fúria. Aguilar makes short films, with the exception of the feature Uprise (2008). His shorts have received awards at festivals such as Venice and Locarno. Mercury (2010) was in competition for the Tiger Awards for Short Films at IFFR in 2011. Besides a director, Aquilar is also an editor and producer.


O cadáver esquisito (1997, short), Estou perto (1998, short), Sem movimento/Motionless (2000, short), Corpo e meio/In Between (2003, short), Remains (2002, short), A serpente/The Serpent (2005, short), Arquivo/Archive (2007, short), A zona/Uprise (2008), Voodoo (2010, short), Mercúrio/Mercury (2010, short), And They Went (2011, short), Sinais de serenidade por coisas sem sentido/Signs of Stillness Out of Meaningless Things (2012, short), Dive: Approach and Exit (2013, short), Jewels (2013, short), False Twins (2014, short), Bunker (2015, short), Undisclosed Recipients (2015, short), Mariphasa (2017), Armour (2020, mid-length)

Sandro Aguilar at IFFR

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