Short animation filmmaker ROSTO (The Netherlands) studied at the School of the Arts in Utrecht. Since 1992, Rosto has owned an independent film studio for media and design, called Studio Rosto A.D. He combines different techniques in his work such as live action, 3D and cell and photo animation. Rosto also designs graphic novels (some of them online) and music videos, including some prize-winning videos for the Dutch singer Anouk.


(all short) Together in a Car (1996), Sing! (1997), Beheaded (1999), Mind My Gap (2000, web), (The Rise and Fall of the Legendary) Anglobilly Feverson (2001), Jona/Tomberry (2005), Big White/Big Black (2006, web), No Place Like Home (2009), The Monster of Nix (2011), Lonely Bones (2013)