Ross Lipman

Ross LIPMAN is a film archivist and independent filmmaker. He is best known for his work at the UCLA Film & Television Archive, where he was a Senior Film Restorationist for many years. He has worked on countless restorations of films by famous directors, such as Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles, John Cassavetes, Robert Altman and Kenneth Anger. Lipman’s own films have been screened internationally and are collected by well-known film archives all over the world. He also writes essays on film history, restoration, technology and aesthetics, published in Artforum and Sight and Sound and elsewhere.


10-17-88 (1989, short), Kino-i (1991, short), Rhythm 92 (1992-1993, short), Rhythm 93 (1993-1994, short), Michael Barrish Screen Test (1997, short doc), The Interview (2004, short), Rhythm 06 (2008, short), The Perfect Heart of Flux (2007-2013), Personal Ethnographies (2007-2013), Notfilm (2015, doc)