Robert Kramer

Robert Kramer (1939, New York) developed a passion for film at an early age, in particular for film as a personal means of expression and form of social criticism. He was actively involved with the independent film movement in the sixties and founded the collective The Newsreel in 1968.


Faln (1965, short), In the Country (1965, doc), The Edge (1967, doc), Ice (1969, doc), People's War (1969, doc), Milestones (1976), Scenes from the Portugese Class Struggle (1977, doc), Guns (1980, doc), Un grand jour en France/Naissance (1981. doc), A toute allure (1982, doc), La peur (1983, short), Notre Nazi/Our Nazi (1984, doc), Diesel (1985), Doc's Kingdom (1987), Route One/USA (1989, doc), Berlin (1990), Starting Place/Point de départ (1993, doc), Live-Berlin (1994, TV-doc), L'avenir (1995), Walk the Walk (1996), Le manteau (1996, short), Ghost of Electricity (1997, short), Say kom sa (1998, short doc), Cités de la plaine (2000)