Robert Huot

Robert Huot at IFFR

Robert HUOT (1935, United States) started his art career as a painter after he graduated in chemistry at Wagner College on Staten Island and worked as a chemist. In the 1960’s Huot started making experimental short films.


(selection) Leader (1966, short), Scratch (1966-1967, short), From Loops (1967, short), Spray (1967, short), Red Stockings (1967, short), Cross-Cut–A Blue Movie (1968-1969, short), Black and White Film (1968-1969, short), Nude Descending the Stairs (1970, short), One Year, 1970 (1970-1971, short), Snow (1971, short), Turning Torso Drawdown (1971, short), Strip (1971-1972, short), Rolls: 1971 (1971-1972), Third One Year Movie, 1972 (1972-1973), Accentuate the Positive (1973, short), Beautiful Movie (1973-1974, short), Diary Film #4 (1973-1974), Diary 1974-1975 (1974-1978), Faces of Faces (1976, shorts), Fades and Close-ups (1978, short), China 1978 (a diary) (1978), Fire (1979, short), Erotic Trilogy (1979-1980, short), States of an Image (1980, short), Cum Foo (1980-1981, short), Docters Faustus’ Foot Fetish (1981-1982, short)

Robert Huot at IFFR

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