Robert Beavers

Robert BEAVERS (1949, USA) is an independent and experimental filmmaker. In 1966, he made his first work, Spiracle, in New York. Shortly afterwards he relocated to Europe and made more short films in Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Beavers uses 16mm celulloid for all his films, which are screened frequently at international film festivals. He lives in Berlin and Massachusetts with filmmaker Ute Aurand.


(all short) Spiracle (1966), On the Everyday Use of the Eyes of Death (1966), Winged Dialogue (1967/2000), Plan of Brussels (1968/2000), The Count of the Days (1969/2001), View (1969), Early Monthly Segments (1970/2002), Palinode (1970/2001), Diminished Frame (1970/2001), Still Light (1970/2001), From the Notebook of... (1971/1998), The Painting (1972/1999), Work Done (1972/1999), Ruskin (1975/1997), Sotiros (1978/1996), AMOR (1980), Efpsychi (1983/1996), Wingseed (1985), The Hedge Theatre (1990/2002), The Stoas (1997), The Ground (2001), Pitcher of Colored Light (2007), The Suppliant (2010), Listening to the Space in My Room (2013)