Riju Go

Riju Go (1962, Yokohama) joined a film-makers' collective while at secondary school and attracted the attention of Oshima Nagisa with his early Super-8 film Lesson I. He left the university to become scriptwriter and assistant director. He has acted (e.g. in Paul Schrader's Mishima), worked in journalism and made music videos and features.


Toki wa itsu demo sugite yuku, soshite ima bokutachi was/Time Always Rushes By, And Now We Are... (1979), Kyokun I/Lesson I (1980), Rent-a-Child (1982), Mienai/Blind Alley (1985), Empty Night (1987), Zazie (1989), Elephant Song (1994), Berlin (1995), Ryoko!! (1996)