Richard T. Walker

Richard T. WALKER (1977, United Kingdom) works as a photographer and video, installations and performance artist. Subjects of his work are solitude, human nature and dialogue. After gaining a Master in Fine Art in London, he moved to San Francisco. Walker's work is exhibited worldwide, mostly in solo exhibitions. His short film an is that isn't always (2015) has been selected in the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films.


(all short) it's hard to face that open space (2004), awaiting imagery (2005), everything but me and you (2005), the alliance of here and there (2005), successive inconceivable events (2005), i'll be lost when i find you (2006), the way i like (2007), a nice view (2007), hello to farewell, farewell to hello (2007), outside the democracy of circumstance (2008), sometimes i like you more than othertimes (2008), what am we/you/i waiting for? (2008), tamed through the sculpture of past experience (2008), i know you are everything but i still want you to be everything (2010), the hierarchy of relevance (2010), for all eventualities (2010), the speed and eagerness of meaning (2011), let this be us (2012), outside of all things (2013), the predicament of always (as we are) (2014), the predicament of always (as it is) (2014), an is that isn't always (2015)