Rakshan Bani-Etemad

Rakshan BaniEtemad (1954, Teheran) attended a directing course at the Teheran College of Dramatic Arts. She started her career as scriptgirl and assistant with Iranian TV. After several short documentaries, she made her début as feature filmmaker in 1989 with Off Limits.


Off Limits (1989), Canary Yellow (1989), Foreign Exchange (1990), Nargess (1992), Report of 1993 (1994), Spring to Spring (1994), To Whom Are You Showing These Films (1994), The Blue Veiled (1995), The Last Visit of Ms. Iran Daftari (1996), Banoo-ye ordibeheshi/ The May Lady (1998) Baran-o-bumi/Baran and the Native (1999) Zir-e poost-e zhahr / Under the Skin of the City (2001)