Rainer Frimmel

Rainer Frimmel at IFFR

Rainer FRIMMEL (1971, Austria) studied photography and cinematography in Vienna. There he met fellow student Tizza Covi. Since 1996 the two have worked together on photography, theatre and cinema projects, which are characterised by a focus on a documentary approach, even in fiction.


Weinzentrale (1992), Oh du mein Österreich (1994), Che bella é la vita (1998, short), Wien: Sieben Szenen (1998, co-dir), Das ist alles/That's All (2001, doc, co-dir), Aufzeichnungen aus dem Tiefparterre/Notes from the Basement (2002, doc), Babooska (2005, doc, co-dir), La pivellina (2009, co-dir), Der Glanz des Tages/The Shine of Day (2012, co-dir), Emile (2014, doc), Der Fotograf vor der Kamera/The Photographer in Front of the Camera (2014, doc, co-dir), Mister Universo (2016, co-dir)

Rainer Frimmel at IFFR

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