Ragnar Bragason

Ragnar BRAGASON (Sudavik, Iceland), an internationally recognised director of music videos and commercials, made his feature-film debut with the award-winning Fiasco (2000). He established himself with the diptych Children (2006) and Parents (2007), and the popular TV trilogy The Night Shift (2007), The Day Shift (2008), and The Prison Shift (2009). So far, Bragason has won fifteen Icelandic Edda awards, in several categories.


Fiasco (2000), Börn/Children (2006), Foreldrar/Parents (2007), Næturvaktin/The Night Shift (2007, TV series), Dagvaktin/The Day Shift (2008, TV series), Fangavaktin/The Prison Shift (2009, TV series), Bjarnfreðarson/ Mr. Bjarnfreðarson (2009), Málmhaus/Metalhead (2013)