Praveen Morchhale

Praveen Morchhale at IFFR

Indian Praveen MORCHHALE is a director, screenwriter and producer. After a few years of working as a film and theatre director, he made his feature debut with Barefoot to Goa (2015). Morchhale is hailed by critics as an important filmmaker of the Indian new wave. His second feature, Walking with the Wind (2017), screened internationally at several film festivals. The film won the Best Film Award in Rome in 2017 and the National Film Award for Best Ladakhi Film in India in 2018. Widow of Silence (2018) will have its European premiere at IFFR.


Barefoot to Goa (2015), Walking with the Wind (2017), Widow of Silence (2018)

Praveen Morchhale at IFFR

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