Phil Dadson

Phil Dadson at IFFR

Phil DADSON (1946, New Zealand) started his career as an experimental musician with the foundation of the Scratch Orchestra (1969). He went on to study sculpting in Auckland and taught fine arts at the Elam School of Fine Arts until 2001, when he resigned in order to focus on his own work. In 2005 he was made Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his contributions to the national arts.


(selection) Breath (1975, instal), Physical (1976, instal), Drum/Sing (1984, short doc), South (1985, short), Uncharted Crossing (1989, short), Footstep Hocket (1990, short), Malei Village (1991, short doc), Resonance (1994, short), An Archeology of Stones (1995, instal), Conundrum Quartet (2000, instal), Mangrove (2000, short), Flutter (2004, short), Now (2005, short), Anandagram (2007, short), Pabu (2007, short doc), Processional (2007, short), Breath of Wind (2008, short), Sarajevo Boogie (2009, short), Aerial Farm (2011, instal), Deep Water (2011, instal), Arid Edge (2014, short), Compass of Frailty (2014, instal), Desert Bomb (2014, short), Headstamp (2014, short)

Phil Dadson at IFFR

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