Peter Hutton

Peter B. HUTTON attended a painting, sculpture and film course at the San Francisco Art Institute. His work has been shown in important museums and festivals at home and abroad.


(all short) July 1971, in San Francisco... (1970-1971), New York Near Sleep (For Saskia) (1972), Images of Asian Music (1973-1974), New York Portrait: Part I (1976-1977), Boston Fire (1980-1981), New York Portrait: Part II (1980-1981), Landscape (For Manon) (1986-1987), Budapest Portrait (1984-1986), New York Portrait: Part III (1990), In Titan's Goblet (1991), Lodz Symphony (1992-1993), Study of a River (1995-1996), Time and Tide (2000), Looking at the Sea (2001), Two Rivers (2001-2002), Skagafjördur (2004), At Sea (2007)