Peter Delpeut

Peter Delpeut at IFFR

Peter Delpeut (1956) worked for many years for the Dutch Film Museum. In 1998, his film Felice...Felice... opened the festival and Rotterdam and won two Golden Calfs at the Dutch Film Festival.


Films: Emma Zunz (1984, short), Stravers (1986), Toreador in Hollywood - Budd Boetticher (1988, short), Pierrot Lunaire (1988, short, co-dir.), Ghatak (1989, short, co-dir.), Lyrisch nitraat/Lyrical Nitrate (1991), The Forbidden Quest (1993), E pur si muove (1993, short), Cinéma perdu (1995, TV), De tijdmachine (1996, tv), Felice...Felice... (1998), Diva Dolorosa (1999), Go West, Young Man! (2003)

Peter Delpeut at IFFR

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