Peter Burr

Peter BURR (1980, US), from Brooklyn, makes videos and conducts performances. His work has been shown at museums worldwide, including Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Anthology Film Archives in New York. He is the founder of Cartune Xprez, an animation project presenting site-specific cartoon events that has toured through 25 countries.


(all short selection) SatanDeathSnakeTrainAwesome (2003), Slow Dance Recyttal (2006), Adventure (2006), Super Sellody (2007), Gylden Load (2008), Junk Spirals (2009), Faketrap (2010), Alone with the Moon (2012), Green | Red (2012), Special Effect (2013), Arcology (2015), The Mess (2016), Pattern Language (2017), Nematodes (2017)