Per Fly

Per Fly

Still: Hammarskjöld

Danish director and writer Per FLY (1960, Denmark) is a graduate of the National Film School of Denmark. He had his feature film debut with The Bench (2000) which was the first film of his five-time Danish Academy Award-winning trilogy further including Inheritance (2003) and Manslaughter (2005). He is also a recipient of the prestigious Carl Theodor Dreyer Award.


(selection) Kalder Kathrine! (1994, short), Bænken (2000), Prop og Berta (2001), Arven (2001), Manslaughter (2005), The Woman That Dreamed About a Man (2010), Monica Z (2013), Follow the Money (2016, TV series), Backstabbing for Beginners (2018), Hammarskjöld (2023)

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