Peggy Ahwesh

For more than 20 years Peggy AHWESH has been making experimental films and videos that have been screened at many exhibitions and festivals.


Pittsburgh Trilogy (1983, short), Ode to the New Pre-History (1987, short), From Romance to Ritual (1985, short), The Fragments Project (1984-94), Philosophy in the Bedroom (1987, short), I Ride a Pony Named Flame (1988, short), Martina's Playhouse (1989, short), The Deadman (1990, short), The Scary Movie (1993, short), Strange Weather (1993), The Color of Love (1994, short), The Vision Machine (1997, short), Nocturne (1998, short), 73 Suspect Words (2000, short), Keywords for Search Engines (2001, short), She Puppet (2001, short), The Star Eaters (2003), Certain Women (2004), Warm Objects (2007, short), Dedication (2007, short), Beirut Outtakes (2007, short)