Pawel Pawlikowski

Pawel PAWLIKOWSKI (1957, Warsaw, Poland) studied Literature and Philosophy in London and Oxford. He has made several award-winning documentaries including From Moscow to Pietushki, which won an Emmy. His features Last Resort (2000) and A Summer of Love (2004) were awarded with a BAFTA and screened at IFFR.


(selection) Lucifer over Lancashire (1987, doc), Extraordinary Adventures (1988, short), Vaclav Havel (1989, doc), From Moscow to Pietushki (1991, doc), Serbian Epics (1992, doc), Dostoevky's Travels (1992, doc), Tripping with Zhirinovsky (1995, doc), The Stringer (1998), Twockers (1999, short), Last Resort (2000), My Summer of Love (2004), La Femme du Vème/The Woman in the Fifth (2011), Ida (2013)